Get help on Linux umask command.


   Linux umask command is use to display file mode mask or set file mode mask on Linux system.  The Linux umask command is one of bash shell built in command.  The command example below show how to get help on Linux umask command using shell command, this help show information on how to use the Linux umask command, the umask command options and the arguments that can be use with Linux umask command.


Get Linux umask command help


  Execute help command and the name of Linux command that we want the help file, the example below we execute help command to get help for umask command.


umask linux command

[linux@fedora11 ~]$ help umask

umask: umask [-p] [-S] [mode]

    Display or set file mode mask.


    Sets the user file-creation mask to MODE.  If MODE is omitted, prints

    the current value of the mask.


    If MODE begins with a digit, it is interpreted as an octal number;

    otherwise it is a symbolic mode string like that accepted by chmod(1).



      -p        if MODE is omitted, output in a form that may be reused as input

      -S        makes the output symbolic; otherwise an octal number is output


    Exit Status:

    Returns success unless MODE is invalid or an invalid option is given.

[linux@fedora11 ~]#


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